Woah…I definitely didn’t expect this…

So for anyone who has been following my blog you may know that I have been going for acupuncture for a few months now. 

My husband and I have been trying to start a family for over a year and a half. I had been diagnosed with PCOS, lost a bunch of weight, but my cycles were still out of whack (60+ days if I was lucky). I did my research and figured I would try acupuncture. It promotes self healing and I knew my body needed help regulating. 

So I got a cycle just days after my first appointment. I was shocked and amazed. I didn’t think it was possible. I kept going and around 37 days I got another cycle. During that time we did have a false positive (never buy the cheap tests) and I was devastated. 

I cried for days about it. The one thing I wanted I was not able to get. I was grateful that my cycle was within almost normal but I really wanted to start a family. So I continued to go to my acupuncture and my cycle didn’t come. 35 days…45 days…55 days nothing. I was frustrated I thought great the acupuncture failed me! 

Then it hit me, slow and steady…my breasts were super sore and tender (a pms symptom) so I never thought about it. Then I felt nauseous no matter what I ate it made me feel sick. I would eat eggs every morning until one morning I gagged on them…haven’t touched them since. I drank coffee every morning then it just didn’t taste good to me, so I stopped drinking it. I was so sleepy but again that seemed normal to me. Finally I was weak and I felt ill. 

I was talking to a friend about this. I explained everything all my feeling and she told me to take a pregnancy test…I didn’t want to…what if I was let down again. I couldn’t handle another false positive. So I debated it and finally gave in and took one. It came back Positive!! I was in shock! So the next morning I took another one, same result. Still in disbelief I called my doctor and got a blood test to confirm. It came back positive! 

At the time I found out I was estimating at 8 weeks pregnant! It has been 2 weeks already since we found out. We are still estimating how far along I am at this point but we have our first appointment on Tuesday (3/21). Hopefully soon they will be able to determine a more defined due date. 

We are thrilled and exited and nervous and maybe a little terrified. This is something we have been trying to accomplish for so long and it’s finally happened! So now we wait. We will let the baby do its thing…grow. Before we know it the baby will be here. 

I am blessed that I went 2 months without knowing because it meant I didn’t have to worry or fuss or think about it. 

So, my advice for anyone having any issues trying to conceive: try acupuncture. It will only help! Do your research. I didn’t take ANY conventional medicine. No drugs to try to conceive. This was all natural! 

If you have any questions pleas feel free to leave a comment! 

Thank you for reading this super long post!

I will share more as the weeks come. I want to be more consistent with my posting going forward. 

With love as always,

The GearShots 


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