Acupuncture Update

It has been quite a while since I have written. I have been waiting to see how the acupuncture has affected me.

Just to recap for anyone who has not followed my writings in the past. A few months ago I decided to get acupuncture to help promote self healing within my body and for my cycles to come back normally in the hopes to get pregnant.

After one month of the acupuncture my cycle returned naturally. I have only been taking herbs and vitamins with no other medical intervention. I have continued the acupuncture and we are at the end of the second month and it was a week late but I have had another cycle with no medical intervention…naturally!

It is funny how having a cycle is something that is now exciting…all I want at this point is for my body to be healthy and “normal” so if I do conceive it will be a healthy home for a child.

I will continue the acupuncture for as long as it takes to have a cycle every month without medical intervention. I love it, it is relaxing and calming. A lot of people worry about being stuck with needles but most of the time there is no feeling. Every once in a while there is a pinch but that is it. There is no pain once they are in their spots. Do your research and find someone who is qualified, do not just get anyone because they can mess it up if they use the wrong points.

I am also going to start working out with a personal trainer, this is to help strengthen my core and back muscles. I am super excited for this because it is the push and knowledge that will help me get my body in the physical shape I want to achieve.

So for now we have had two successful cycles with the acupuncture and hopefully more in my future and we have personal training to begin soon.

I hope to get to write more consistently in the future. I just want to make sure the content I am providing is worth your time to read.

Thank you for following my blog. I would not be here without you.


The GearShots



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