Weekend Away

I am a little off on my posting date but I am getting back into the swing of things.

Michael and I went away this past weekend. It was so wonderful. 

We went to Stonewall Resort in West Virginia. It was such a beautiful peaceful weekend. We didn’t take our phones and we didn’t fuss with technology.

It was nice but at the same time there were moments where we realized it would have been convenient to have the phones, such as when we wanted to Google something.

We stayed strong and kept away though. It was so worth it. We learned so much about each other and how precious time is. We often take for granted those around us. It was nice to spend the weekend cherishing each other. Plus it was Michael’s birthday. We hiked and ate lots of good food. We bonded and spend quality time together. We napped and relaxed with no one but each other.

We relied on communication with each other and we have never been happier.

My review on Stonewall would be that it is the perfect place for a romantic getaway within a reasonable price range.

For the price of the accommodations we felt like it was worth it for us. We highly recommend them.

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures and I wish I could share them all at once.

Thank you as always for reading! I wouldn’t be here without you
The GearShots


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